2014 Annual Chiefs Convention




The 2014 Annual Chiefs Convention of the Haverstraw Fire Department was held on Thursday April 3, 2014. A slate of delegates from each of the 5 companies met at the Lady Warren Hose Company #5 quarters to elect a Chief Officer and 4 Assistants for the year. Upon assent of the Village Board, the Officers will assume their positions on the 3rd Tuesday in April at 9pm.

Nominees to the Village Board for 2014

  • Chief of Department Al Lynch #5
  • 1st Assistant Bob Drexler #4
  • 2nd Assistant Tom Price #1
  • 3rd Assistant Bart Gordon #2
  • 4th Assistant Perry Masiello #3

The Officers and Members of the General Warren Emergency Company #2 wish to thank the Chief Officers for a job well done in 2013.