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The General Warren Emergency Company #2 was formed on May 15, 1854 following the incorporation of the Village of Warren, NY. Funding for the purchase of a hand pumper, hose, and quarters for a fire company was approved at that meeting.

The Village of Warren, in exchange for a body of volunteer firefighters, issued this apparatus and equipment to the newly formed Warren Engine Company #1. Operating continuously for 165 years, General Warren Emergency Company #2  remains “Ever Ready When Duty Calls”.


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The General Warren Emergency Company is the Heavy Rescue Company of the Haverstraw Fire Department. General Warren Emergency Company responds as unit 4-EM to all activities dispatched to Rockland County Department 4.

4-EM, a wet rescue since 1954, is equipped with e DRAULIC tools, air bags, portable generators, ventilation equipment, power tools, lighting, portable pumps, firefighter S.C.B.A., firefighter comfort, and other rescue equipment.

Our 1998 Saulsbury/Spartan Gladiator is also equipped with a 4 stage Waterous pump, a 500 gallon tank, and permanent foam firefighting capability.


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