The Haverstraw Fire Department

Haverstraw Fire Department

The Haverstraw Fire Department, Rockland County Department 4, consists of a Fire Council of one Chief Officer, four Assistant Chief Officers, and 10 Wardens who administer the Haverstraw Fire Department. Operationaly, the Fire Chief and his 4 assistants lead the Department at all non-EMS emergency incidents in the Village of Haverstraw, New York.


  • Rescue Hook and Ladder Company #1
  • General Warren Emergency Company #2
  • Relief Hose Company #3
  • Cosgriff Hose Company #4
  • Lady Warren Hose Company #5

Chief Officers 2008-2009

  • 4-1 – Chief Efran ‘Junior’ Castro, Rescue H&L #1
  • 4-2 – 1st Assistant Chief Peter Rugg, General Warren #2
  • 4-3 – 2nd Assistant Chief Patrick McNamee, Relief Hose #3
  • 4-4 – 3rd Assistant Chief Al Lynch, Lady Warren #5
  • 4-5 – 4th Assistant Chief Robert Drexler, Cosgriff Hose #4


  • Rescue H&L #1 operates a 1969 Pirsch model 41E open cab 100′ tractor drawn aerial as “4-99”
  • General Warren #2 operates a 1998 Saulsbury Spartan/Gladiator heavy rescue as “4-EM”
  • Relief Hose #3 operates a 2002 KME 1750 GPM pumper as “4-1750”
  • Cosgriff Hose operates a 1989 American LaFrance 1500 GPM pumper as “4-1500”
  • Lady Warren #5 operates a 2005 KME 1500 GPM pumper as “4-1501”



  1. This is a great site…my brothers were on here and told me to check it out…impressive, lol….I was wondering if anyone had any other pix of my father, Marshall Schulman….I know we have some somewhere all boxed up, but I don’t want to ask my mom to start going through that. Not sure if word has spread…but I am getting married, and I would like to do something with the pictures, if there are any. Thank you guys. Hope all is well.

  2. Jessica,

    It has been a long time since I have seen you. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Please give your mom my regards.

    Rick Ferris

  3. Jessica,
    I have found 10-12 pictures of your father with members of the fire company. There is one group shot with your father you and Justin in the group. These pictures are Joe Young’s. If you would like them get in touch with Matt Connors or myself 269-3066. Congrats on your up coming Wedding. If General Warren Em.Co.#2 can help call. Your father is our brother firefighter and always will be!

  4. My Dad Tony Gerace was a life time member of Relief Hose #3, and was awarded the gold 5o year member pin some years ago. He passed away back in ’99, and is laid to rest in the cemetery in Haverstraw. I would like to purchase a Haverstraw Fire Department T-Shirt if they are available for sale.Thank You
    Butch Gerace

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