1998 Saulsbury Spartan Gladiator Heavy Rescue

The General Warren Emergency Company is the Heavy Rescue Company of the Haverstraw Fire Department. General Warren Emergency Company responds as unit 4-EM to all activities dispatched to Rockland County Department 4. 4-EM is equipped with onboard extrication tools, air bags, portable generators, ventilation equipment, power tools, lighting, portable pumps, firefighter S.C.B.A., firefighter comfort, and other rescue equipment. Our 1998 Saulsbury/Spartan Gladiator is also equipped with a 4 stage Waterous pump, a 400 gallon tank, and permanent foam firefighting capability.


The General Warren Emergency Company #2

# 2's


The General Warren Emergency Company #2 was formed on May 15, 1854 following the incorporation of the Village of Warren, NY. Funding for the purchase of a hand pumper, hose, and quarters for a fire company was approved at that meeting. The Village of Warren, in exchange for a body of volunteer firefighters, issued this apparatus and equipment to the newly formed Warren Engine Company #1. Operating continuously for over 150 years, General Warren Emergency Company #2  remains “Ever Ready When Duty Calls”.

The New Look of General Warren Emergency #2

No one knows whence he came...

The Officers and Members of the General Warren Emergency Company #2 would like to welcome our visitors to our new web site. The company has maintained this web site for over 10 years now, and we continue to have a steady stream of online visitors from around the world. We strive to provide a modern, accessible source of fire company information to the public. All pictures, audio, videos and documents presented here are the property of the General Warren Emergency Company#2, and are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. We hope you link and give credit when appropriate, but don’t hesitate.  Any other content presented here such as newsletters, scanner feeds, rss feeds are used with thanks to our friends in the volunteer community.

GWE takes Truck and Quarters for 2008

Captain Matt Connors led the General Warren Emergency Company #2 to both Best Truck and Quarters this year in the 2008 Chiefs inspection.

Judging, by the Village Board and guest Fire Chiefs, takes place yearly and bragging rights go to the victor. Big thanks to all of the members for a job well done.

Meeting Room