With the turn of the century, motorized auto cars and flat bed chassis became prevalent in the fire service. Haverstraw had two companies equipped as such, Relief Hose with a Sterns 3-60 Automobile and Hale pump. Lady Warren had  hose on a Pope-Hartford chassis . General Warren responded with the  Union engine, and a 2 wheeled hose-cart.

General Warren Hose Company #2 would come to accept delivery, on September 27th, 1919, of a Mack AC Combination Pumping Engine, our first motorized apparatus. The Mack had a 300 gpm pump, 300 gallon tank, 40 gallon chemical extinguisher, 1200 feet of 2 1\2″, and assorted tools.

We were by this time known as General Warren Hose Company #2, evidenced by the lettering on the truck. The 1919 Mack Triple Combination pumper served the company until 1936 and was last seen as the village honey wagon well into the 1950’s.

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