The Companies


On May 15, 1854, Warren Engine Company #1 was formed in the new Village of Warren NY. On September 1st, 1854 the Village of Warren purchased from Mr. Isaiah Millburn a building at what is now the lot at 36 Middle Street, and the company occupied these rooms until 1884.

Rescue Hook and Ladder Company #1 was formed 3 months earlier, in January of 1854 and was responding from Liberty Street, its funding by community subscription.

On March 3, 1857 Union Engine Company #2 was formed, and in late 1858 a contract was awarded to erect quarters for Rescue Hook and Ladder Co #1 and Union Engine Company #2 on Division Street. In exchange for these new quarters, Rescue H&L #1 was folded  into the department early in 1859.

Union Engine #2 and Rescue H&L #1 would respond from Division Street until Lady Warren Engine was formed in 1869. The Lady Warren steamer, donated to the company in 1871, was bearing the #5 when it arrived, hence Lady Warren Engine #5.

The Liberty Street quarters known as Osborns Hall, was home to both Rescue and Lady Warren in the 1870’s, both companies refusing to share quarters with Union #2 on Division Street.

In 1876 Mutual Hose Company #1 was formed and responded from Division Street with Union Engine Company #2, and were disbanded September 2, 1878.

Triumph Hose Company #2 was formed on the 25th of September 1878 and took Mutual Hose #1’s rooms and cart on Division Street until  they moved to Middle Street in 1884.

In 1878, a contract was awarded for $900.00 to erect a house for Rescue H&L #1, and by 1880 a new firehouse was erected for them opposite Warren Engine #1 on the North side of Middle Street.

At meeting held March 6th, 1882 , funds were approved for a new building for Warren Engine #1. This new building was built on the west side of Rescue H&L #1 in 1883.

In 1884, Union Engine #2 was disbanded for Insubordination and it’s pumper was assigned to Warren Engine #1 . Division Street was taken over by Lady Warren Engine #5 and was known forever as Insurrection Hall. Triumph Hose #2 took over the South Side of Middle Street where they would remain for all of their history

In 1886, 37 fire hydrants were placed throughout the Village, and Hose carts were issued to the Engine Companies. Warren Engine #1 would become General Warren Hose Company #1, and responded with the old Union Engine until 1919. The Lady Warren Steamer was also retired around this time.

The Lady Warren Engine Company #5 occupied Division Street, then new buildings were built at 91 Broadway and then their present quarters at 88 Broadway.

On June 5th, 1895 the residents of Hahns Corners formed Relief Hose Company #3, and the Village provided quarters at the corner of Westside and Gurnee Aves. They responded from the Westside Avenue firehouse for 15 years before their quarters were completed at 11 Conklin Avenue, where they remain today.

The Triumph Hose Company #2 had been meeting in the old Middle Street quarters since Warren Engine #1 rooms were built in 1883. Their membership dwindled throughout the 90’s. and they were disbanded June 2, 1902 for non attendance.

The Cosgriff Hose Company #4 was formed in June of 1902, and was assigned the cart and quarters of old Triumph Hose #2 on the South Side of Middle Street where they remained until the Municipal building was built.

Warren Engine Company #1
May 15, 1854
South Side Middle Street
Middle Street
Municipal Building

Union Engine Company #2
March 3, 1857
April 18, 1884
Division Street

Rescue Hook and Ladder #1
April 18, 1859
Liberty Street
Division Street
Middle Street
Municipal Building

Lady Warren Engine Co #5
June 12, 1869
Division Street
Liberty Street
91 Broadway
88 Broadway

Mutual Hose Co #1
December 1, 1876
September 2 1878
Liberty Street

Triumph Hose Company #2
September 25, 1878
June 2, 1902
Division Street
South Side of Middle Street

Relief Hose Company #3
June 5, 1895
Westside Avenue
Conklin Avenue

Cosgriff Hose Company #4
June 2, 1902
South Side of Middle Street
Municipal Building