Marshall Slack Schulman

Line of Duty Death January 7, 1998

Marshall Schulman joined the General Warren Emergency Company on the First Tuesday in August 1975. Marshall’s father Jerry and cousin Alan were active members of the company at that time, and Marshall, who grew up in #2’s, rarely missed an alarm once he was in. From the time he could remember, he always said, he remembered 2’s.

While responding to a hazardous material incident in the Town of Ramapo, Marshall was exposed and soon after was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. After a long and grueling battle, Marshall succumbed January 1998.


Marshall, a third generation volunteer, held many positions in our company including President, Chief Driver, and Truck Committee Chairman. He also held the position of Warden and Treasurer of the Haverstraw Fire Department.

Our current Apparatus is dedicated to Marshall, who was:

Ever Ready When Duty Called