Researching Haverstraw


The  General Warren Emergency Company #2 has operated continuously for 155 years, and our records, photo’s and stories speak volumes of the history of the Village of Haverstraw and it’s Fire Department. As we entered our 150th year back in 2004, we had the ability to identify the names of all of our membership rolls for those 150 years, which we published in book form. The next step was getting those names out onto the web, in a format that would encourage family genealogy research, along with tools and links to carry the research on.


Reading the name searches on our website reveals a Who’s Who of Haverstraw’s past. Former members, families of former residents, and long lost connections come and research the family name. Seeing the company website become such a destination; a half of a million hits last year, and the fact that a vast majority were ‘Haverstraw’ people searching the family name, caused us to give pause. We created the Genealogy page to help our visitors research and investigate their Haverstraw connections, many who may have served in the General Warren Emergency Company #2. We have also helped many others;  apparatus hobbyists, fire whistle fanatics, and history buffs all spend time here and we try to answer all questions in a reasonable period of time. Either way, were happy to have you visit our website, encourage your links for non-commercial purposes, and hope you find your connection to Haverstraw helpful.

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